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     Clear and effective communication with friendly service. They cleaned our home impeccably. Definitely recommend them.
M. Faulk20/07/2024
     I've been a customer for more than 10 years and have always had a positive experience. Issues are fixed quickly.
Tori G.10/07/2024
      Carpet Cleaners Battersea do all of our office cleaning and we are very happy with the service they provide. The team who work with us are very punctual, efficient and do a great job.
Tina Gregg19/05/2020
     They did a great job at my home, I am very impressed with all that they did for the price.
Jeff R.19/09/2019
     BatterseaCarpetCleaners have been the ideal option for the cleaning of my home in recent weeks. I have made the switch from another, unnamed competitor and I don't imagine that I shall be switching back any time soon. Thanks to a great combination of hard work and good value, I've discovered that these cleaners really are focused on what matters most to me, while still producing more than excellent results. Will be hiring them a lot in the foreseeable future. Thank you once again.
Melody Murray07/01/2015
     I was moving home and the new house needed a good clean, however with my work schedule I had little time to fit in such a big job. I care about the environment also and I decided to call in a cleaning company who use eco-friendly cleaning methods. BatterseaCarpetCleaners was just who I was looking for, they use all cleaning materials which are environmentally friendly and this also applies to their equipment. I was totally happy with this incredible team of professionals and would use their service again.
S. Mathews24/11/2014
     I found BatterseaCarpetCleaners whilst surfing the internet. I haven't been using them for long, about four months, but so far they have provided me with a good service, good rates and hardworking staff. I get my full two hours cleaning per week and have never felt dissatisfied with the service. I have also used them to give my oven a clean and I was very pleased with the results. Oven cleaning is one of those jobs I always forgot about so I just arrange an oven clean automatically every year, so I don't even have to think about it.
Richard S.05/11/2014
     A couple of colleagues were recently discussing problems of busy work schedules versus looking after the house and one of them mentioned hiring BatterseaCarpetCleaners to clean up the house. I thought, “why not?” and decided to do the same. The cleaning contractors worked like magic: I've never seen my house look so clean or perfect, really! This makes everything so much easier: I can dedicate my free time to leisure and the cleaning company has great services at really good prices, so I don't feel bad about spending either. And it's such a necessity. Thanks guys for an awesome solution to a very busy life!
Rob J.19/09/2014
     Since the arrival of my third child, a beautiful baby boy, I've really been struggling to keep up and on top of my cleaning. There was just mess everywhere and I couldn't seem to make a dent in the work, the mountain appeared impossible to climb. Fortunately, my friend gave me the number for BatterseaCarpetCleaners and I called them up straight away. In just a few hours, I returned home and my whole house was transformed: brilliant, fresh and finally, hygienic. Can't wait for my cleaner to return and do it all over again!
Lucie R.04/09/2014
     My experience with BatterseaCarpetCleaners was a very positive one! I was impressed not only with their low price points and dependable cleaning hours, but with the cleaner they sent too. She really knew what she was doing, and knew exactly how to treat every surface, and how to get rid of those tough marks that have stained my carpet for years! Add to that a friendly and welcoming attitude, and you can see already why I'm impressed. I didn't have to go into my savings to hire them, yet my home is looking fantastic - the complete package in other words! What else could a girl possibly ask for?
     BatterseaCarpetCleaners have been a gift sent from heaven! In all of the years living in my current home, I've never seen it in such an immaculate condition. I'm one of those people who hate cleaning and put it off for as long as possible so for me, this was a perfect option for me. When I first started looking into it, the cleaning companies I had found were either above my price range or had bad reviews. When I found that this company had brilliant reviews AND a price that suited me, I thought it was too good to be true but after trying them for myself I know for a fact these guys are the real deal.
Luke T.16/07/2014
     I am so happy with the service I have received from BatterseaCarpetCleaners. I never thought professional cleaners would make much difference but this company really has - we have a very clean house at all times, and all the tough jobs are done by real professionals. Before we hired cleaners we had to scrub out the oven ourselves and we could never do it as well, and the lime scale in our bathroom was a real thorn in our sides. This cleaning company are the best available and I would totally recommend them if you need a professional cleaning service.
Michelle R.30/06/2014
     I have many pets and so the house is always a mess. They leave their toys everywhere, knock things over, scratch and bite furniture, get foods everywhere and their dropping are always a problem. I struggled to keep my home lean and I even considered getting rid of some of my animals to make it manageable. This didn't have to happen though because I sought the help of BatterseaCarpetCleaners. I hire their cleaners to come to my address every week and they make my home cleaner than it ever has. With their help, I have my animals and a clean home, so I want to thank them.
James F.20/06/2014
     I was in need of my carpets and furniture cleaning in my workplace. The carpets were dirty and so was the upholstered furniture as we had a lot of use from the public on a daily basis. So during a long holiday I decided to hire some professional help to help. BatterseaCarpetCleaners were new in the area, but I called them to make an appointment. They were happy to fit in with my hours and basically did a first class upholstery clean and carpet clean service. The finished work looked great, and the price was good too. I will certainly use the services again.
Patrick S.26/05/2014
     Thank you so much to all at BatterseaCarpetCleaners who cleaned up after my 21st last week! I had an amazing time, and it was incredible to see how quickly they got my parents' house looking like the part had never happened! I was a little bit worried because there were a few more people than I had expected, but it went fine, and the clean up meant that it didn't impact on us any longer than the night itself! What a result! Great job, I am so happy we booked them, it really did make all the difference!
Harriet Douglas29/04/2014
     I adore having professional cleaners clean my home. It gives me so much more free time to spend with my kids, and for that I couldn't be more grateful! As a single parent I don't really have enough time to complete all of the household cleaning jobs, work and take care of my little ones, but BatterseaCarpetCleaners have really turned that around for me! Now I have spare hours to do whatever I want to, and my house is always very clean and sanitary. I only wish I'd hired a house cleaner from this company much sooner, as I'm very pleased with what is such a professional, affordable and reliable service!
     When my girlfriend fell pregnant, I was the happiest man alive. I did everything and anything to make sure that she was as comfortable as possible. I didn't want her to strain herself and clean the house, so I hired BatterseaCarpetCleaners. My girlfriend was able to sit back and relax whilst a professional, friendly cleaner came and cleaned our home on a weekly basis. Prices were very affordable, so we were even happier to see that we weren't spending too much (especially since we were spending a lot for the baby). My girlfriend was very thankful, since it allowed her time to real pregnancy books and get excited about having a baby.
Daniel West28/03/2014
     BatterseaCarpetCleaners is one of the best cleaning services I've ever used! I've never liked cleaning and I've tried to find a good and reliable cleaning company for many years now. My neighbour told me to give this company a call and they did a fantastic job! I've never seen a cleaning company as thorough or as efficient and my house always looks brilliantly clean now. This is a quick, easy, friendly and affordable cleaning company and I'll never have to hunt for the perfect cleaner ever again! Can't recommend this service enough, I find myself more and more impressed every week!
Kelsey M.20/01/2014
     Book an upholstery clean from BatterseaCarpetCleaners today. Honestly, you won't believe just how good they will make your furniture look! Because our furniture comes under heavy use, I thought it was just natural they would pick up a few stains and fade over time. So when my best friend recommended a professional upholstery clean, I was dubious I must admit. But I had no idea how much my upholstery had deteriorated until BatterseaCarpetCleaners came in and made it all look as good as new. They will be coming again!
L. Thomas02/12/2013